About Us

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Aspiring Magazine started with heart, soul and a inspiring dream that has grown over the years. We have partnered up with School of Fashion Design in Boston and each issue sold will go towards a fund to help students with enrollments, supplies and more.


Our interviews are of inspiring people from all different backgrounds. We have many photographers that contribute to each and every issue we put out.


We have several writers and bloggers that have shared in the past, present and in the future to each and every issue. The famous Yolanda Cellucci contributes to every issue by answering your fashion sense questions. 



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Publisher: Cynthia Hudson

Editor: Angela Cornacchio

Sales and Marketing: Judy Ross

East Coast Team

Creative Director: Donna Souza

Lead Hair Stylist: Amy Jo Richards


West Coast Team

Creative Director: Will Franco

Lead Photographer: Jac Wong

Photographer: Mark Sebier

Makeup: Gurnay

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Contributing Writers

Yolanda Cellucci

Dominque Earl Cappolla

Amy Azeri            

Angela Cornacchio