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Christi Pratte

Christi is a luxury brand copywriter, freelance ghostwriter/copywriter, and contributor to some of the top women’s success platforms and magazines in the industry. She’s the founder of HustlePretty.Co, a brand centered around empowering women in their lives and careers, as well as Ghost Girl, a freelance writing service for female entrepreneurs. Christi loves watching women reclaim their power and rise up into their fullest potential, all while leading the way for the next woman.


Before entering her writing career, Christi was a kindergarten teacher with a few side hustles-- she was also a kickboxing instructor, a tutor, a waitress, and a barista. While doing so her ever-present passion for writing transpired into launching her own entrepreneurial blog/ social media platform to guide women to find more balance, self love, and purpose (aka “the pretty”) within the hustle. She believes in work that serves others, builds dreams, and carries out a purpose.

We wanted to showcase some of Christi's work, however this multi-talented woman has SO MUCH from which to choose we had to solicit her help.   She gave us her top 4 articles, but we encourage you to go to her websites and social media to really appreciate this fantastic woman.

So here is just a small sampling of her work in no particular order:

1) Make Passion Your Love Language (
2) How To Stop Standing In Your Own Way (
3) Do You Love Yourself Enough To Succeed? (
4) How To Cultivate Self-Confidence When You’re A Beginner (

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