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Holly Eden Morrow

Introducing Holly Eden Morrow, the new food contributing writer for Aspiring Magazine! She's not your average chef - Holly nourishes both the body and soul with her culinary creations. Growing up around the world in Spain and France, Holly's exposure to different cultures inspired her to follow her dream of becoming a professional chef. She attended the original Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Paris, France in 1984, receiving certification in both cuisine and pastries.

After years of experience in the industry, Holly opened her own catering company, Eden Healthy, which she still owns and operates today. She's worked for prestigious restaurants and private clubs in San Diego, and even cooked for 15,000 Marines! Holly's passion for food is matched by her desire to promote healthy living. She believes people want to eat healthier, but don't always have the time. As a result, she's developed her own unique style, blending her culinary expertise with her commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


But that's not all! Holly Eden Morrow is also a psychic, medium, intuitive, healer, artist, author, and creator of the Sacred Life Lift retreat. She's studied Psychic & Mediumship at Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College, and has combined her experiences to become an intuitive, holistic private chef. She even offers Spiritual Energy Healings, Destiny Card Readings, and Intuitive Guidance Readings!

Holly is also an author of a book titled "The Bridge" a 30-Day Guided Journey of Self-Discovery & Fulfillment.

With her incredible talent, passion for food, and spiritual approach to life, Holly is the next Martha Stewart for the spiritually-hungry and health-conscious foodie. Get ready for some deliciously healthy recipes and culinary inspiration - Holly Eden Morrow is here to take Aspiring Magazine by storm!

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“ My greatest joy is sharing what I LOVE to do with others. As a chef, I create memories through food. As a medium/channel I share messages and memories from Spirit, offering soul guidance, direction, and healing.

We were all born with this gift of intuition. This intuitive cord connects us to the Cosmic Creator of the Universe/Source/ Space of Unlimited Potential, this place of LOVE." - Holly





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