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Marisa Fertitta

Marisa is a freelance fashion and beauty copywriter and aspiring fiction author. She’s the owner of “Love, Risa,” her freelance copywriting business which mostly focuses on small, local fashion and beauty brands who wish to grow through content marketing. Marisa’s biggest goal for her business is to help individual brands express who they are as authentically as possible.


While Marisa has always known deep down that her truest passion lies in writing, she has gained lots of fashion retail and sales experience along the way. These traits, coupled with her appreciation for history, have guided her to a unique place in her career where she can combine the three. Her blog focuses
mostly on copywriting, but her affinity for fashion and history is what fuels the fire and keeps giving her things to write about. She knows that proper content marketing is more than just empty words, and uses 'Love, Risa' to show her clients and their customers just how important it is to be authentically you.

Marisa has a refreshing writing style, full of passion, insight and inspiration.

Here is just a small sampling of her work in no particular order:

1) The Curve Collection at Amari Prom
2) Blog 101: How I Upped My Game
3) Copywriting: Write Your Way to Freedom

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Marisa welcomes new ventures.





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