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Unveiling the Secrets of Beautiful Skin: The Science of Aspire Ageless Beauty

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Discover the Marvels of Your Skin's Complexity

If you are going to use beauty skin care products to make your skin look as beautiful as possible, you should understand your skin a little, so you know what works best on it. Your skin is magical; it protects your body. It's connected to all the organs in your body and does more things than you can imagine. Your body consists of about 10 trillion cells. The skin, being the largest organ, is 16% of your body and contains 1.6 trillion cells all by itself. It is thinnest at the eyes and the lips, which is why you probably see wrinkles occurring there faster than anywhere else. And it's thickest on your palms and the heels of your feet, where you need protection.

Demystifying the Layers of Your Skin

Your skin consists of three layers. The outer layer is the epidermis, and that's the so-called sacrificial lamb. You lose about 30 to 50,000 cells per minute or almost 75 million cells a day. In fact, a lot of the dust in your house that's coming in and that you see on the floor and furniture is made up of your own skin cells.

Now, the epidermis is paper-thin. It replaces itself constantly and is firmed up by the dermis underneath it. The dermis is what contains the collagen and the elastin that make the outer skin or the epidermis look as youthful as possible. You also want to replace the cells so that they look as young as possible on the epidermis.

Nurturing Your Skin's Vitality

Empowering Your Skin with Nutrients

Part of the ageing process, unfortunately, is that the new cells coming up do not maintain a tight cluster or a small cell structure as they should to keep your skin looking youthful. What you want to do with the dermis underneath is feed it with nutrients so that the collagen and, in many cases, the elastin, which is just as important in making your skin look youthful, can grow and not get thin or lose the ability to give support.

Collagen has a tensile strength equal to steel. It is actually the strongest cell fiber in your body. You feed it with vitamins, the right nutrients, and it will maintain for a much longer period of time. Your collagen and elastin are actually formed by another series of cells called fibroblasts. And that's where you want to put the nutrients into so that the fibroblasts can form the collagen and the elastin.

Exploring the Hypodermis and Its Vital Role

Underneath the dermis is your third layer, sometimes referred to as the hypodermis. The hypodermis is made up of adipose, which is basically fatty tissue, and it stores the most critical vitamins in your body: A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are what serve the rest of your organs, keep your skin nourished, and ensure your organs are operating properly. They are also the vitamins that fibroblast cells need to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen gives you strength, elastin gives you flexibility on the skin. You need both.

The hypodermis contains about 5% of the blood in your entire body, and the blood passing through it connects with every organ in your body. So, if you put toxins, synthetic chemicals, or anything that is not good for your skin and they flow down to the hypodermis, you are also putting things that affect your organs.

The Truth Behind Skin Care Product Labels

Unmasking the Realities of "External Use Only" Labels

It's amazing how, in many cases, when you buy a skin care product, you'll see on the box "for external use only." That, in itself, is almost a joke because when you put something on your skin, a portion of it is absorbed internally. The only reason they put "for external use only" is to protect the company making the product. By including that term, they can avoid scrutiny from the FDA and the EPA because it is not considered a food or something that enters your body through the mouth like food, even though it does enter your body when applied to the skin. So, when you see the sign "for external use only," know that the skin care product is going into your body. That's why you want to make absolutely sure you're not putting anything on your body that will affect your organs and the rest of your body.

Unleashing the Magic of Aspire Ageless Beauty

At Aspire Ageless Beauty, we take great pride and knowledge in knowing that what we are putting into our skin care products are Mother Nature's ingredients only. They contain vitamins from whole foods, from Mother Nature herself—vitamins A, D, E, and even water-soluble vitamin C, all coming from Mother Nature. Therefore, you end up with vitamins that are healthy from whole foods, never synthetic, and never affect any organs in your body. And most importantly, they are highly effective because they are whole food vitamins that really nourish your fibroblasts, build up your collagen, build up your elastin, and keep your skin as healthy-looking as possible.

The Transformative Potential Power of Nutritional Skin Care

Remember, when you put on a skin care product, you don't want a moisturizer; you want a nutritional formula because you want to renew your skin, which makes it look youthful. That's what takes away the wrinkles and signs of ageing. That's what we take seriously in all of our formulations—to ensure that what goes into your body are only those vitamins that are healthy and nutritional. And, by the way, vitamins will not work if they don't have bioflavonoids, nutrients, and enzymes. Any synthetic vitamin, whether it's vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, or vitamin C, if it's synthetic, it doesn't contain nutrients, bioflavonoids, or enzymes. It will just pass through your body without providing the desired benefits. At Aspire Ageless Beauty, we don't just provide you with a vitamin; we give you all the necessary components of the vitamin to make it work and make your skin and body feel as healthy and youthful as possible.

The Secret to Beautiful Skin: Aspire Ageless Beauty

Discover the transformative power of Aspire Ageless Beauty, where nature's ingredients and whole food vitamins work together to nurture your skin and promote a youthful, radiant appearance. Visit our website at and unlock the secrets of healthy, beautiful skin. Experience the difference with Aspire Ageless Beauty today.


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