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Water in Skin Care: Are You Slowly Poisoning Your Skin and Body?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

When examining the skin care products you purchase, it is quite common to find that water occupies the top position in the ingredient list, comprising 90 to 95% of the product. This might raise a legitimate question: why include water in these formulations? Given that your body already contains a significant amount of water, applying water-based skin care products in small quantities is unlikely to yield the remarkable results you desire. So, what purpose does water serve? In reality, its presence primarily benefits the profitability of the skin care manufacturer, offering no substantial advantages to you.

Unmasking the Hidden Dangers of Water-Based Skin Care

  1. Emulsification: A Toxic Chemical Process Jeopardizing Your Skin's Health Interestingly, it is not the water itself that poses concerns, but rather the treatments it undergoes to maintain its solubility within the product. Water naturally resists blending with oils, which are often present in moisturizers. Consequently, manufacturers resort to a chemical process called emulsification to facilitate the mixing of water and oil. Unfortunately, the emulsifiers employed in this process tend to be toxic and may compromise the integrity of other ingredients within the product.

  2. Formaldehyde Releasers: A Silent Threat Lurking in Your Skin Care Products Another consideration regarding water in skin care products is the need for preservation. As water provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, it must be preserved to extend the product's shelf life. Typically, formaldehyde releasers, such as urea, are utilized for this purpose. However, these releasers gradually release formaldehyde, a toxic substance with potential health risks.

  3. Thickening Agents: The Dark Side of Water-Based Creams Furthermore, when water is incorporated into creams, its tendency to run necessitates the addition of thickening agents. Although not always disclosed on the ingredient list, these agents may contain substances that offer little benefit to your skin and could even be detrimental to your well-being.

Given these factors, it becomes apparent that water represents the most hazardous component of skin care products. It is subjected to preservation with formaldehyde, emulsification with carcinogens, and thickening with potentially harmful substances. Ultimately, water serves no beneficial purpose and, in fact, may contribute to adverse effects on your skin and overall health.

Introducing Aspire Ageless Beauty: The Water-Free Revolution

At Aspire Ageless Beauty, we adopt a different approach. Our products are entirely water-free. While many skin care manufacturers typically rely on a formula consisting of 50% water, 25% chemicals for preservation and thickening, and a mere 25% beneficial ingredients, we have eliminated water altogether. By doing so, we eliminate the need for harmful chemicals and return to utilizing unmodified, non-GMO, and natural ingredients provided by Mother Nature. Our objective is to help you achieve and maintain a youthful, wrinkle-free, and healthy appearance.

Experience the difference firsthand by visiting our website at You will undoubtedly appreciate the remarkable results offered by Aspire Ageless Beauty.

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